About The Green Room

The Green Room is exclusively certified organic and vegan.

As well as wine we also sell a good range of beers, ciders and spirits.

Why buy organic?

By drinking organically you are cutting out things such as insecticides, pesticides, fungicide and many more (head to our ‘why isn’t all wine vegan?’ page for further information!).

Many of the wines supplied through The Green Room also have no added sulphates, by cutting these out of our wine intake, however small, We believe it will have huge benefits to our heath.

Strictly Organic

By drinking organically it’s not just our health that benefits but the planet as well. With the absence of man-made toxins, organic vineyards tend to be buzzing with life, both above and below the ground, which is great for bio diversity and plant health.

Strictly Vegan

Suppliers of vegan wines, beers, ciders, and spirits.

Low in Sulphates

With the level of sulphates in Organic wine being capped at aprox 50% less, compared to traditional wines, as well as the complete absence of man-made chemicals, we are confident you are getting a far more superior quality wine for your money at The Green Room.

Helping Our Environment

Many of the chemicals involved in non-organic wine making ultimately end up in our rivers and canals, and of course us! Organic wine also has a much lower carbon footprint- so drink consciously and drink organic!

Pop into the store and take a look at the large range of products we stock!

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