Why The Green Room?

Why us?

We are a boutique wine merchants based in the historic town of Frome, Somerset.

The Green Room sets itself apart from other wine merchants due to the fact it only sells certified organic and vegan products.

Any product that does not fall under this classification will never be sold in our High street stores or online.

Our Guarantee

We want our customers to be able to have the peace of mind knowing that when they visit our store they will not leave with a product that has been subject to pesticides, fungicides, insecticides or any other type of man-made chemicals during its journey to the shop.

Neither will it contain any type of animal product. 

This guarantee allows you to shop without concern or worry over buying something that goes against your ecological or animal rights beliefs.

By the very nature of the way The Green Room operates we like to think we are doing our bit to help the environment and support animal welfare, however small that contribution may be. 

As well as organic, all our wines are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We also stock biodynamic, low sulphur and no added sulphur wines, plus a good range of vegan, organic and gluten free beers and ciders.

Helping you choose

We understand that organic and vegan products do cost a little more than conventional products. We also understand that you have a choice. By buying from us you have decided to pay a bit more and demonstrate your belief that purer wine is a better wine. That is not something that should be overlooked.

We also believe that organic and vegan wines are a better wine. When you visit our shop, not only will you find a top quality product but you will receive a service level like no other.

Choosing wine is always a challenge, especially when you are buying for someone else, or to share. We take pride in helping you choose, so that you will not be disappointed when you pop the cork.

We will explain the difference of world wines, from French to Chilean; the varying flavours of white wine and levels of dryness to sweet wines and the body of the reds, their individual flavours as well as their fermentation journey. 

A healthy selection

Our motto is “less is more!

With the level of sulphur in organic wine being capped at 50% compared to traditional wines and the complete absence of pesticides, insecticides and fungicides, including animal products, we are adamant you are getting a far more superior quality wine for your money.

The Green Room stocks wines from all around the world. So whether you prefer something French or something from the New World, there will always be a wine to suit your taste at The Green Room.

Why Organic?

Organic wine comes from grapes like “normal” wines, yet unlike normal wines they have to be made using only grapes grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilisers, keeping them free from man-made toxins which find their way into the food chain and eventually us.

Growing organically produces high quality grapes full of flavours with natural balance, which provides the raw material from which great wine is made. It’s this, wine made from organically grown grapes, that gets the Organic Certification .

Organic wine is not just about what’s good for our health, it’s also about the environment. With the absence of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers, it all helps to support a thriving ecosystem of birds, insects and many other wildlife characters, compared to a conventional field which has been cleared of everything but the grape. Organic techniques also help protect farm workers and our waterways.

Organic vineyards tend to be literally buzzing with life, both above and below the ground; this is great for biodiversity, plant health and ultimately the quality of the wine, as it all helps add true character or sense of place. After all, wines should be honest with your taste buds as well as tasting great of course.

Why Vegan?

On many occasions visitors to my shop have asked quizzically “what makes wine unsuitable for vegans? Why isn’t all wine vegan? It’s understandable to expect all wines to be vegan, I mean “its only grapes isn’t it”? However this couldn’t be further from the truth and my customers never cease to be shocked and surprised by the answer they get.

There are many animal derived products that are added in the making of traditional wines, during the production and fermentation period.

One of the main ingredients used in wine making are egg whites or casein, a protein generally found in milk. During the wine making process tiny particles of sediment that manage to avoid being caught through the filtration systems can accumulate and Casein is used to remove these particles. In most cased it is not essential to remove these small particles of sediment, but rather allow them to rest harmlessly at the bottom of the bottle.

Alternatively there are a number of vegetable based fining agents that can used to effectively remove these particles, such as Bentonite a form of pea protein, Clay and Limestone are all becoming more and more popular in wine making, as the vegan push gathers pace and momentum.

Other animal products used in wine include beeswax, a way of sealing the bottles and also some glues are milk based.

Also Chitin (fibre from crustacean shells) fish oils and Gelatin a protein derived from boiling animal parts and fish bladder membranes.

More alarming is that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) report on their website that animal blood and bone marrow are also used as fining agents.

What I find most curious about all of this is that I considered myself to be a vegetarian, however I was unknowingly consuming animal products during the process of enjoying my favourite wine.

Whether you are either a vegetarian or vegan or not, it begs the question that for just a little bit more on the price of a bottle, you can eliminate these unsavoury impostors from your diet for good.