Salvaje No Added Sulfites Syrah / Roussanne 75cl


Light Body Full
Country: Chile
Grape: Roussanne, Shiraz/Syrah
Roussanne, Shiraz/Syrah
Vegan Organic No Added Sulphur
ABV: 13%
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In this area of the Casablanca Valley, the cooling effect of the Humboldt current offshore helps the important slow and even ripening of these grapes, which are handpicked into small bins, and immediately chilled when they reach the winery. A careful vinification excluding oxygen follows, with ageing in stainless steel tanks. Inky purple in colour, the nose is of ripe black fruits and earthy forest floor. On the palate, hints of pepper and nutmeg with blueberry and blackberry. The addition of 7% white Roussanne grapes adds elegance and balance to this deliciously pure (No Sulphites Added) wine.

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