Domaine de Saoubis Bas Armagnac 70cl


Country: France
Vegan Organic Biodynamic No Added Sulphur
ABV: 42%
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Sublime biodynamic Armagnac unfiltered (for more flavour) and oak-aged, gives a full, sweet nut and fruit flavours coupled with mellow coffee and vanilla nuances in its lengthy finish. No sulphur added, no sugar added, no colour added and only indigenous yeasts used. Domaine de Saoubis is owned by Maurice de Mandelare and managed by Patrick Marsan. Colombard, folle blanche and ugni blanc are planted on 10 hectares of clay and sand soils in the best of Armagnac’s sub-regions: Bas Armagnac. The domaine converted to biodynamics in 1997.

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