Biostilla Sambuca 70cl


Country: Italy
Vegan Organic
ABV: 40%
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Sambuca is the world famous Italian star anise liqueur. This Bio Excellence’ example is fine and precise in its feel and balance, with the flavour being obtained by vapour extraction from the organic star anise. Serve frozen, pure as a digestive, on the rocks or with the fly’ which is an Italian classic way to enjoy it, with three coffee beans, signifying health, happiness and prosperity. Biostilla are based in the sun-drenched South Tyrolean farmlands, with all their fruit coming from certified organic farmsteads. The distillery has a long tradition and has now been producing high quality spirits for nine generations. During the distillation process, we extract nothing Mother Nature hasn’t put there, herself. Theodor Walcher (Master Distiller)

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